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Tech Essentials Checklist for New Businesses

Tech Essentials Checklist for New Businesses

The new year marks a new opportunity to start a venture and test your luck in your chosen industry. Now that you have a product or service to sell, the next plausible things is to prepare the other aspects of your business. From staffing to marketing and even support, these technology upgrades will help you have a successful year in 2019.

Mobile Optimization

Smartphones and tablets, if they haven’t already, are becoming the main gadget preference for most people. Just last year, 63% of all web traffic came from mobile devices. Your startup should take this sudden surge in mobile usage to optimize your services for iPhones and Android phones. Whether your business is retail or service-related, it helps to have an app ready for your potential customers. You should also optimize your website for better viewing on a phone’s browser.

Hardware and Software

Your business is doomed to fail if you think investing on good hardware and software is a waste of time. Sure, it’ll save you a lot of money if you use outdated laptops and software licenses, but it will also leave you vulnerable to a number of risks, including physical damages and cyberattacks. Choosing your office tech essentials isn’t the time to be a cheapskate. Invest on high quality devices and applications to ensure a smooth-sailing operation before launching your newest venture. 

SSL/TLS Certificates

A new business aiming to make some noise needs an equally elegant and secure website. Finding the right web designer for your website should be easy enough, but securing it is a lot easier. Since Google Chrome already began flagging unsecured websites as “Not Secure,” you definitely don’t want to leave a bad first impression to your potential customers. GlobalSign’s superior SSL/TLS Certificates is more than enough to get the job done. Security is a top priority for every business, especially in 2019.

Digital Signing Service

It’s time to go paperless! Countries like Singapore and Malaysia are already gearing up for a paperless economy, so you definitely need to keep up. A great way to start things off is with GlobalSign’s Digital Signing Service. This service lets you sign important documents (contracts, receipts, vendor forms, among others) digitally with only a few clicks. Plus, you can use this anytime, anywhere with strong internet because it’s a cloud-based service—no need to be anchored to any hardware.                                                                                                                                      

Renewed Focus on Internet

By now, business owners should be more than aware about the importance of the internet. So if you’re relying on a cheap yet sluggish internet provider as the backbone of your operations, don’t launch your business just yet. The recommended speed varies from business to business, so it helps to assess the function of internet to your workflow. For instance, basic email requires at least 2mbps internet speed. This list of recommended internet speeds should help you get started.

Your new business venture should take advantage of these tech upgrades to help you grow as a company. While you take care of the rest, let GlobalSign handle the online security side of your operations. Learn more about SSL/TLS Certificates on our official website. You can also sign up for our free eBook on digital signatures.

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