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Survey: Cloud Adoption Poses Biggest Risk to Businesses

Survey: Cloud Adoption Poses Biggest Risk to Businesses

Back then, cloud technology was something of a fancy fad. As we continue moving towards a wireless economy, cloud technology has never been this in-demand. The latest IDG Cloud Computing survey found that 73% of companies have already adapted the cloud technology in at least one application or infrastructure while 12% are planning to do the same in the next 12 months. The survey also found that 38% of these companies agree that they should migrate all their operations to the cloud.

Clearly, enterprises are very much open to reap the benefits of cloud technology for their own profit. Despite this, adopting the cloud is not without its risks. This is something companies are really worried about, according to the latest Kaspersky report. They found that 58% of CISOs are concerned about the sudden and uncontrollable cloud expansion while 38% of them claim that it’s difficult to find the right people to make their cloud expansion as hassle-free as possible.

“There’s no denying that with the business benefits it brings, cloud is a key part of the strategic digital transformation journey for many enterprises. The use of cloud is growing fast, and businesses are not going to be put off adoption because of security concerns. It’s therefore vital that resilient security is also quickly and effectively implemented, to support this rapid adoption,” Maxim Frolov, Vice President of Global Sales at Kaspersky Lab, shared his thoughts on the report.

Why You Should Embrace Cloud Technology

These concerns are indeed alarming, but tech experts will not recommend businesses to embrace loud technology if it’s too risky for them. Going back to the IDG survey, there are two reasons why 42% of companies are employing a multi-cloud strategy in running their operations. The two main benefits they cited are the increased cloud options (59%) and the easier and faster disaster recovery (40%). In the Kaspersky report, Frolov offered some solutions to address the concern of CISOs.

“Protection layers should therefore include: the capability to monitor application behavior and ban any suspicious activity; prevent exploits by using the latest threat intelligence; and find and automatically patch vulnerabilities, to safeguard data and workloads moving across cloud infrastructure, from threats. The best solutions also provide orchestration capabilities, so that IT teams can control what workloads are being accessed and processed, on and off-premise,” Frolov said.

Cloud technology aims to improve how every office operates, mainly because of its flexible and scalable options. From financial services to retail operations, every industry will definitely benefit from harnessing the cloud. And when it comes to online security, cloud technology plays a huge role in providing every office better solutions. For example, GlobalSign employs the power of the cloud to run their innovative Digital Signing Service. GlobalSign aims to provide companies with Document Signing Certificates without the use of hardware security modules.

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