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The Solution to PKI Roadblocks: GlobalSign’s Atlas now available in APAC

The Solution to PKI Roadblocks: GlobalSign’s Atlas now available in APAC

Now available in Asia-Pacific (APAC) Region, Atlas can be used by companies looking for a solution to PKI-related problems.

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is among the most powerful security tools your company’s IT team can have. It requires a certificate authority (CA) to run. Some companies build their own CA for their PKI needs, but getting them trusted is difficult. Managing PKI itself requires a ton of work and expertise. Not to mention the unwieldy challenges required to deploy and manage PKI often create problems that are more costly than what they intend to solve. This is the reason why some companies find it more practical to obtain certificates from a publicly trusted third-party CA.

PKI management is not easy, so what are our options?

Managing PKI requires advanced knowledge and expertise so it can operate effectively. It demands constant monitoring to keep it running securely. Not only is this skill set uncommon, but it is also difficult to maintain.

Well, what if there was a solution that lets you manage your PKI with speed and automation? Sometimes, even the experts need a helping hand.

Atlas shoulders the burden of PKI

Understanding the fundamentals of PKI can be nerve-wracking to some, and it requires expertise to work. The demand has never been higher, and companies are starting to deploy PKI in their own infrastructure.

So to answer the question raised earlier, “What if there was a solution that lets you manage your PKI with speed and automation?”

Atlas is your answer. Atlas lets organizations issue and manage their growing number of certificates with high speed and scalability. It is a one-stop PKI platform that lets organizations automate and simplify the issuance of digital certificates. It’s really as simple as that and it’s even simpler to use, but the problem it solves is immense. Here’s how your company will benefit from Atlas:

  • Flexible management and authentication for your IT teams

    Atlas lets IT teams manage and authenticate users, machines, IoT, mobile devices, and servers. Atlas helps secure your organization’s identity and network without putting too much burden on your IT teams.
  • Gets rid of complex tasks

    Atlas solves all the complex tasks involved in key management, directory integration, multiple protocols for endpoints, and more!
  • Features direct gateway between Atlas and your Active Directory

    GlobalSign’s Auto Enrollment Gateway (AEG) links Atlas and your Active Directory to extend its reach to every endpoint on your network. AEG’s integration with Atlas lets your organization seamlessly manage digital certificates regardless of OS or platform.
    Other key features of this integration include:
    • Updates user interface that streamlines navigation, configuration, and management
    • Certificate issuance and status reporting
    • ACME V2 support for improved interaction with web servers
    • Ability to provision almost any type of certificate to most endpoints
    • Improved issuance enabling more highly-validated public certificates
    • Self-service Key Recovery
    • Greater Microsoft Intune (SCEP) support
    • Support for DevOps
  • Allows you to easily manage digital certificates and subscriptions

    Atlas supports your organization’s digital signing needs and lets organizations enroll, provision, and issue digital certificates including:
    • Digital Signing Service (DSS): For organizations in need of a secure and trusted digital certificates used for document signing and encryption.
    • SSL/TLS Certificates: For organizations running their websites, SSL/TLS certificates ensure that the network is secure and cannot be intercepted.
    • S/MIME: S//MIME certificates secure email. It provides email encryption and digital signing to protect the content of the email and provide sender authentication.
  • Offers high-volume, high-speed certificate issuance

    Your company no longer has to be limited by bandwidth and technical restrictions—an issue that some CAs may have. With Atlas, your organization can issue high-volume certificates with speed and availability.

As a long-time runner in the security industry, we are equipped with the knowledge and expertise needed to help organizations meet state-of-the-art PKI infrastructure. Atlas is your helping hand that ensures trust and security for your growing certificate needs. It lets your organization secure the needed infrastructure to keep up with best practices.

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