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Security Solutions that can Help Transform Your Startup Business

Security Solutions that can Help Transform Your Startup Business

What we can learn from this digital age, and the numerous businesses that have come and go, is that startup companies need the internet and they need to have better understand and navigate the digital landscape to build their path to success. Online presence and reachability are some of the factors startup businesses need to consider. But when we build our presence online and reach out to our clients, we must also sufficiently protect our online eputation with the proper security solutions. Failing to do so, especially for startup companies, could mean the loss of clients, investors, and overall credibility and sales.

Picture a startup company that has spent years building its name from the ground up, only to fall apart due to a cyberattack. It can happen to consumer goods and services within the eCommerce industry, B2B software and services, FinTech, and even consumer media. Whichever sector a startup company may be in, they are all equally susceptible and vulnerable to cyberattacks. An eCommerce business gets jeopardized after being attacked, as they do not only lose the trust of their current customers, but the potential ones as well. A cyberattack is hard to bounce back from, especially for startup companies who are still building their credibility. This scenario could have been prevented had the company prepared proper security protocols and solutions within their network. Startup companies have a lot of things to take into consideration, such as expenses, capital, building clients, and asset requirements. But even then, security must never be taken for granted.

All things considered, here are some online security solutions to help build a secure environment for your start-up company.

  • SSL/TLS Certificates

    The first thing startup companies need to build their online presence is a website. SSL/TLS is the foundation of a secure website. Why? Because SSL/TLS encrypts websites so that third parties cannot intercept or hack within established networks. When a business website has an SSL/TLS certificate, which is a baseline requirement at this point, its reputation significantly increases. Not only that, but SSL/TLS certificates increase a website’s credibility. Whether a company is an eCommerce or consumer media, their website needs SSL/TLS to function.

  • Secure Email or S/MIME

    Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions or S/MIME is a great protocol for both digitally signing and encrypting emails. The reason why S/MIME is so critical in today’s business environment is that email continues to be the main method of communication for businesses. However, as companies rely on emails to communicate internally and externally, attackers interject hacking tools through numerous phishing attempts. Phishing has long been a household word because it is so rampant in the cybersecurity landscape. Despite email providers warning users about the dangers of falling for a phishing attack, it still happens day-to-day.

    The good news is that S/MIME can help startup companies build their reputation among their clients and partners by ensuring that their emails remain secure. Thanks to S/MIME’s digital signing and encryption features, users have a way to secure the content of emails with sensitive information and ensure that their identities are authenticated. Confidentiality and credibility are the main benefits of incorporating S/MIME within emails.

    When you send an encrypted and digitally signed email, your clients will not hesitate to open your emails and respond to you. It adds authenticity and reduces the risk to you and your customers of being victimized by a phishing scam.

  • Digital Signatures

    If your startup company still relies on the traditional method of signing, receiving, and storing documents, you are missing out on a more advanced and simpler way of signing documents. Digital signatures offer a quicker way of signing documents. Before, it would take a few days just to have a document signed and authenticated. Companies have gotten used to this traditional method of signing documents, but this could cause them to miss out on the innovation and advancement of today’s technology. Startup companies incorporating digital signatures are already ahead of those who are still signing documents manually because they get work done faster.

    GMO Sign

    GMO Sign is a cloud-based signing solution for all your document signing needs. It is a platform that you can use to manage and store documents. Why are cloud-based solutions so significant? Because they provide the most convenient way to archive, access, and store documents since they can be accessed anytime, anywhere. It saves time and effort by digitizing manual tasks. It provides a convenient transition from traditional documents to digital documents. GMO Sign is used to sign documents with key features to make storing and searching for files easier. Startup companies can significantly decrease the hassle that is associated with manual document filing. This method saves a lot of expenses and time by eliminating the need for physical documents, printing supplies, and storage space.

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