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Providing Government Services the Paperless Way

Providing Government Services the Paperless Way

Running a government agency is hard work. Not only because of the paperwork, but it’s because their line of work directly impacts the lives of their constituents. That’s why it’s important for government agencies to always explore new options to improve their workflow and provide better services for the people. Case in point: migrating workflows into a paperless system. Here are just some of the benefits of providing government services the paperless way. 

Save on government resources

Government agencies are the leading consumer of paper worldwide. With all the documents they print and sign on a daily basis, they eat up a lot of resources that mostly came from taxes. Once everything is digital, government agencies can save a lot of time and resources that they can then allocate for more projects that will benefit the general public.

Reduce the amount of paper used

Joining the green revolution should be a mandatory initiative for every government agency out there. Going paperless is a great step in saving millions of trees from getting cut down. Every digital signature produced to secure digital documents is a vote in support of keeping the forests safe. It’ll be really hard to function when everyone breathing polluted air.

Preserve important documents

Most agencies have these crusty old documents stored somewhere in their premises that they can’t throw out because of their importance. It’s best to make these documents digital and preserve them properly by storing them in computers for easy access and added security. Don’t let time wither these poor documents to dust.

Make multiple copies of documents easily

Aside from printers, copiers are also hard to maintain and operate. Copying a digital document and signing it digitally is a more efficient way of making authentic copies than physically producing documents and stamping them on by one.

Give certificates and permits a lot faster

The usual complaint about government agencies is their slow processing of documents. Some agencies take days, even weeks, just to produce permits that people need on their professions. By digitizing these documents and signing them with GlobalSign’s Digital Signing Service, it’ll be easy to prepare these documents and send them to applicants. 

And the good thing about this is that government agencies are starting to realize the benefits of digital signing. In the US, Florida county offices have started going paperless by using GlobalSign’s digital signing solutions in providing certified online copies of court documents.

Nearly 150 certified documents are being purchased each day on these counties, so Florida made the process easier by digitizing these documents and signing them using legally-binding and tamper-proof Digital Signing Services from GlobalSign. The documents are provided by ClerkE-Certify, a service operated by GlobalSign partner Triedata Inc.

“With electronic certified documents, local governments are taking steps to serve a digital society and tackle document fraud while increasing efficiency,” said The Honorable Brenda D. Forman, Clerk of the Courts, Broward County on the move to partner with GlobalSign.

The Honorable Tim Smith, Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller, Putnam County also shared his optimism about going paperless. “In today’s world of digital documents, with increasing need for verifiable and tamper-proof certified documents, the Putnam County Clerk of Courts has partnered with Triedata Inc., and GlobalSign to offer electronically certified documents. Preventing fraud in Court documents is one of my highest priorities.”

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