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Looking for an easy-to implement digital signing software? Learn why GlobalSign is a great choice

Looking for an easy-to implement digital signing software? Learn why GlobalSign is a great choice

A good digital signing service can be easily integrated into different digital signing software. If your business is looking for something that can be implemented through various document signing platforms, workflows, and applications, you have come to the right place.

What is the best app for signing documents?

While there are multiple options out there, GlobalSign’s Digital Signing Service supports different kinds of documents and devices, and can be integrated with leading apps and software platforms including GMO Sign, DocuSign, DocuFirst, Adobe Sign, SigniFlow, and even Direct APIs!

GlobalSign’s document signing certificates are automatically trusted within Adobe Sign and other Adobe programs such as Acrobat DC Pro and Reader, as well as leading other digital signing software. Companies can acquire certificates and sign multiple documents with confidence and assurance that their documents will be trusted.

Additionally, all the cryptographic components required to deploy digital signatures are done behind the scenes, requiring no development time or additional resources.

Why our cloud-based signing solution is a game-changer

GlobalSign’s cloud-based Digital Signing Service provides everything a client needs to deploy digital signatures into any application with one simple integration. The extra steps and manual sourcing of the supporting cryptographic components are eliminated.

Other deployment options would require signing certificates, key management, timestamping server, and OCSP or CRL service to be outsourced separately and often require on-premises hardware investments and in-house cryptographic expertise or hardware maintenance. Our cloud-based digital signing service has all these components in one simple API call. This key feature makes document signing faster.

Signatures can also be applied multiple times throughout the document, whereas other solutions generally support only one final digital signature to seal the document.

Our digital signatures offer an array of features including timestamping, auditing support, tamper-evidence, and compliance without the need to administer or manage certificates yourselves. Simple REST API integration allows users to build digital signatures directly into their chosen platform or application with minimal development and no on-premises hardware to manage.

In A Nutshell

Is there an app for electronic signatures that does not require PKI or cryptography expertise? Yes! GlobalSign’s cloud digital signature solution means organizations using various digital signing software applications such as GMO Sign Adobe Sign, DocuSign, SigniFlow, DocuFirst, or their own Direct APIs receive all the benefits of digital signing without the burden of on-premise hardware investments, in-house cryptographic expertise, and hardware maintenance. You don’t have to be a PKI or cryptography expert to use our digital signatures! Using our cloud-based digital signing service makes it easy for your company to add trusted, compliant signatures into your workflows.

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