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Innovating Business Workflows with Digital Signatures

Innovating Business Workflows with Digital Signatures

Having a reliable workflow is key to the success of most companies; it eliminates bottlenecks in every transaction. However, demand for time increases for companies, technological solutions such as digital signatures provide immense convenience for people who’re investing too much time in signing documents.

The change in the business process helps to maximize the fullest potential of a business. It requires a deliberate process that solves all the needs of a company. Just think of your sales agents. They are expected to drive sales, but at the end of the day, they still have a pile of documents that needs to be signed. Their valuable time is impractically spent on tedious tasks aside from meeting potential clients.

In the latest study of Statista, 39% of companies are considering to invest in digital signatures to boost their business growth. Employees can assert their efforts on more critical transactions, meetings, or training instead of going back and forth to get documents approved. It leads to a sensible workload and financially driven connections.

The Advantages of Digital Signatures

The purpose of a digital signature doesn’t stop at signing documents. It has impressive features that you and your organization can benefit from once you get to familiarize yourself with digital signatures:

  • Better Client Service
    Two main reasons for your clients are faster document approval and easier entity verification. Time is vital for everyone. A prompt response to any agreements makes your client feel special. They’re prioritized and valued in your company – making them trust you even better.

    Trust comes with your presentation of your identity. Having a digital signature from a Certificate Authority gives you a trusted reputation.
  • Sign Anywhere without Limitations
    Employees can sign documents anywhere they want and not be in the office all the time. In some cases, they don’t need to send documents through couriers and experience the risk of missing their documents. It increases your productivity and wins more clients.

    Digital signatures integrated into the cloud provide employees the freedom to work outside the office, which you can access with just a few clicks.
  • Compliance to Law Regulations
    Digital signatures are made to help companies comply with different digital privacy regulations such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and other privacy laws respective to each country.
  • Additional Security and Confidentiality
    Businesses who perform software distributions, financial transactions, and contract signing require intense honesty and trust from people they transact with. Hence, a digital signature is a protection tool against any forgery and tampering.

    A digital signature serves as an electronic verification of the sender. It serves three purposes: authentication, non-repudiation, and integrity. To create a digital signature, you need to generate two mathematically linked keys (one public and one private), using a public key algorithm, such as RSA. Then, the private key is used to encrypt signature-related data, and the signer’s public key is used to decrypt that data, this is how the sender is verified.

    Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is a two-key asymmetric cryptosystem and a form of encryption verification technology. It’s a framework that allows different IT systems and tools to have a high level of information confidentiality, which is a crucial part of a digital signature. It’s unique to the signatory and used to sign documents.

    With all the mentioned procedures integrated into the making of a digital signature, it’s a guarantee that your documents are secured and confidential.
  • Saves Costs
    Investing in digital signatures limits your constant need to produce printed documents and to ship them. You can immediately send the document through email—making the best use of your IT environment.

Digital Signatures Do More than Just Signing

A digital signature is a simple tool that is very effective in transforming a business. It also works as a preventive tool against cyber breaches as it carries cryptographic signing components. In GlobalSign, we have the Digital Signing Service that provides authentication, encryption, and reliable time-stamping feature for enterprises. It enables businesses to improve their workflow and commit to regulations. Encryption and time-stamping work for long-term protection of your documents, making them valid for up to 15 years.

GlobalSign’s Digital Signing Service (DSS) can accommodate different business models from individuals to enterprises. Clients can integrate DSS to their new/existing IT workflow, and GlobalSign helps to customize based on their needs to best suit their business. Our cloud service eliminates the need for customer-managed hardware altogether. Learn more about Digital Signing Service through our website.

Are you ready to transform your business to the next level? Visit our website for more information. Call our contact numbers now.

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