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Increase Productivity with the Right Document Signing Solution

Increase Productivity with the Right Document Signing Solution

Document signing is a key aspect in an organisation’s workflow. Whether it is in purchasing or entering into agreements, document signing is integral in solidifying contracts globally. Traditionally, the use of wet-ink signatures was the only way to do this. However, as technology has advanced, signing solutions have also evolved. Digital signatures can now be utilised to make workflows more efficient and secure. They serve as the backbone for advanced document signing solutions.

What is a digital signature?

Workplace transformation has increased the need for digital signatures. The digital signature is a certificate-based signature that follows an encryption technique called Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) that uses mathematical algorithms to generate keys.

Digital signatures are considered the most secure way of signing documents. PKI protects the creation and saving of keys through a trusted Certificate Authority (CA) that serves as a guarantor of the public key’s authenticity and integrity.

Additional features, such as timestamping and audit trails, ensure that the document is tamper-free and protected throughout the process. The high level of security has made digital signatures globally accepted and considered compliant in various industries.

What is a document signing solution?

Traditionally, organisations are hesitant to adapt digital signatures due to the difficulty in managing certificates. As time passed, document signing solutions have been developed to address this need.

Document signing solutions combine digital signatures and other technology to streamline organisation workflows. These solutions are meant to increase efficiency in the workplace and manage certificates attached to the digital signatures used in the organisation.


Do all document signing solutions work the same? 

While having the same goal of streamlining and securing workflows, not all document signing solutions are built the same way. Some signing solutions go beyond digital signatures. Thus, it is important to assess the document signing solution that will be the best fit for your organisation’s needs. Considerations in choosing include:

  1. The ease of use. Digital signatures allow users to cut down manual processes. However, if a document signing solution is hard to use, there is a tendency for the process time to take longer. Document signing solutions should be accessible and easy to use – having a user-friendly interface, global support, and certificate management features.
  2. The solution’s compliance. Globally, there are different regulations attached to signing documents. An organisation must ensure that the document signing solution will meet all compliance requirements attached to the industry or territory they operate in.
  3. The price and scalability of the solution. Streamlining workflows require an initial investment. The document signing solution’s benefits to the organisation must outweigh the costs involved. Similarly, it should cater to the need of the organisation, be it a small business or a multinational company.

What is GMO Sign?

GMO Sign is an all-in-one document signing solution that allows organisations to automate and secure workflows through digital signatures and document management. Developed by GlobalSign, this thoughtfully crafted solution goes beyond digital signatures. GMO Sign also serves as a document management system, helping you not just to sign the document, but also efficiently manage and track documents that have been signed by people in your organisation.

Being an all-in-one document signing solution, GMO Sign offers features that allow workflow automation, such as integration with other document signing solutions, secured cloud data storage, record keeping system, and support to various signature types such as AATL digital signatures and eIDAS-compliant advanced electronic signatures. All these features come at an affordable price point, allowing your organisation to start your digital transformation journey in a cost-effective way.


Workflow automation with GMO Sign

Workflow automation refers to the method of making manual processes, documentations, and communications independently performed. This is commonly used in repetitive tasks and procedures that need to improve in accuracy, such as document signing. With GMO Sign double hatting as a digital signature and a document management solution, workflow automation is made possible.

GMO Sign allows users to digitally sign and file important paperwork using only one platform. HR, Finance, Sales, or any other team in your organisation can automate their document signing and archiving process with ease using the five-step method:

  1. uploading a document or selecting an existing template.
  2. inputting document information and set a sign position.
  3. automated signing workflow.
  4. reviewing the document and signing.
  5. downloading and archiving the signed document.

Following these five easy steps, your organisation can cut down process time and effort used in manual document signing and archiving, while also ensuring that the documents are kept safe from the sender up until storage.

With GMO Sign, a frictionless document signing experience can be built within your organisation. Workflow automation is made possible with this solution.

Why is workflow automation important?

In today’s fast paced environment, workflow automation is essential for businesses to succeed. Automating workflows is beneficial for various reasons – including the overall increase in productivity, faster operations, and improvement in accuracy of manual processes. Workflow automation can also lead to cost savings and better adherence to industry regulations.

For organizing documents, user group and folder access management settings are in place to ensure documents are secure and in the right hands. Robust search and archiving functionality also give users an enhanced view into the document’s history.

Digital transformation in business

Businesses are now moving towards digital transformation. This practice integrates digital technology in all business areas to create new value for customers. Digital transformation begins with automation of workflows within the organisation. Therefore, to generate new value, it is necessary to optimise areas like document signing and archiving. With GlobalSign’s GMO Sign, your business can ensure an efficient and secured workflow.

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