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How Secure Email Supports your Company’s Email Security Strategy

How Secure Email Supports your Company’s Email Security Strategy

Email has become a necessity of everyday life. In today’s remote environment, most companies rely on email for business communication and data transfer between groups. However, the convenience provided by email also comes at a huge risk. 92% of malware is delivered through email, and combined with the risk of phishing and other data breaches, it is of utmost importance for companies to invest in securing their electronic mail channels.

Secure Email, also called S/MIME, is a solution that reduces the risk of security breaches in electronic mails. An acronym for secure/multipurpose internet mail extension, S/MIME is a protocol that allows a user to encrypt and digitally sign emails, ensuring that the email maintained its integrity as the email came from the actual sender, and the exact message has been relayed to the receiver. Let us discuss how S/MIME can help secure your business and allow you to meet common company requirements.

Your company handles sensitive data that requires secured transfers.

It is not uncommon for businesses to transfer confidential data between stakeholder groups from within or outside the company. Data breaches usually happen during this transfer. The message can get hacked or reach unintended recipients. Despite email servers themselves being encrypted, the emails themselves are not protected. Thus, it is still possible for attackers to get past the email system and open messages, causing security breaches.

Through Secure Email, the individual emails will be protected. Transfer of sensitive data within stakeholder groups is ensured to be secure and private, as S/MIME encrypts emails, converting them into a scrambled cyphertext. The message can only be decrypted through a corresponding private key that is in sole possession of the intended recipient. With this, you are sure that confidential data in your company’s possession would not be compromised, protecting your business and your stakeholders.

Your company is concerned about a complicated process involving email security.

Different companies have different requirements for certificate management. A major concern of larger businesses is high-volume S/MIME certificate management. However, a major drawback is the level of complexity involved in managing high volumes. GlobalSign provides a simplified S/MIME deployment and certificate management, accommodating businesses of all sizes with its certificate lifecycle management and automation technologies.

This involves a managed PKI platform that centralizes the certificate lifecycle, user, and billing management. GlobalSign also offers an active directory integration that automatically provisions all domain-joined employees with Secure Email.

Your company wants to ensure the integrity of each sender.

In the remote work environment, most stakeholders do not see each other, thus heavily relying on email. This increases the risk for cyber attackers to spoof emails or hack accounts, pretending that they came from someone within the company, exposing the business to cybersecurity risks. With Secure Email, it is now possible to have a timestamped digital signature that significantly reduces the risk of identity theft through its non-repudiation of origin feature.

Your company wants to remain compliant with existing cybersecurity and privacy laws.

The number of countries imposing data privacy laws is continually growing. As of 2021, more than 120 countries have imposed legislations on data privacy –including electronic channels like email. This has also become a trend across industries. For instance, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) has set a standard for protecting sensitive patient data, including a standard for email compliance. In 2003, it has been added that safeguards must be in place in protecting electronic data, and compliance requires either required or addressable encryption protocols.

GlobalSign’s Secure Email meets various regulatory requirements implemented by local governments and industries, including HIPAA and GPDR that require businesses and organizations to secure users’ personal data in all forms, including email. GlobalSign is your business’s partner in compliance, helping your company reduce compliance issues and improve on cybersecurity regulations.

GlobalSign’s Secure Email

Your business may be exposed to cybersecurity risks such as data breaches and phishing. We, at GlobalSign, share the goal of protecting your organization against these attacks. Our Secure Email is a solution towards your company requirements, providing point-to-point message encryption from when it is in transit, and while it is at rest, emails that can be decrypted only by the intended recipient. Secure Email can be readily used through our high-speed cloud certificate management software, Atlas. Using our certificates to digitally sign and encrypt your emails can help you avoid message repudiation and compromise and simplify deployment to make things easier for your business.

Data transfer and communications done through email can now be truly protected. Together with GlobalSign, your organization may enjoy a worry-free remote environment as our Secure Email takes care of the risks involved in the email cyberspace.

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