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How Digital Signatures Benefit Business Executives

How Digital Signatures Benefit Business Executives

Manual workflows take away progressive opportunities from business executives that result in possible profit losses. Many businesses have switched to digital signatures to enhance their productivity and provide a better work process for their employees. This paperless solution automates their workflow, which helps them accomplish signing tasks anywhere and anytime they want.

The Benefits of Bulk Signing 

When a company starts to adopt automated paperless solutions into their workflow, they are heading towards an improved and streamlined process. It proactively involves all necessary decision-makers that prevent compromised deadlines and projects along the way. Digital signatures provide the ability to do the bulk signing and result in a better systematic workflow. Here’s how bulk signing can significantly contribute to companies:

Faster Document Approval

Preparing the documents and sending them over to the other party consume much time. It compromises other tasks that you’re supposed to do aside from closing deals and contracts. The entire process can take a week when you’re waiting for the other party to sign and send it back again. You also don’t have control over the third party’s nature of workflow or when they’re on vacation. 

Meanwhile, companies that implement digital signatures in their workflows enable their employees to focus on their primary responsibilities. When the meeting’s over, and the agreement is final, you can formalize the transaction on the spot. Digital signatures allow you to instantly sign documents and send them over using email – making the entire transaction experience pleasant for everyone involved.

Easily Track Your Progress

Tracking your progress can be a hard task at some point. It involves multiple copies of documents from different projects and contracts. Clients can forget the documents they need to sign, which affects your workflow and deadline. Digital signature platforms incorporated into the workflow allows the document author to set their chosen signatories. It helps you accomplish your tasks faster and move on to other tasks, enhancing your workflow.

Allocate Resources Wisely

Based on research, a company spends $2,148 for maintaining a B&W printer/copier and $984 worth of paper annually. Also, it needs filing cabinets that cost $25,000 and $2000 yearly maintenance. Aside from these, other recurring expenses such as employees’ wages and lawyer fees are also considered a part of producing the printed documents.

With all the figures mentioned above, a company evidently saves money from using digital signatures when they perform digital bulk signing. If you’re considering minimizing expenses, digital signatures can show tremendous results in eliminating the need to produce printed documents. It allows you to save your resources that maximizes your IT environment. The money you’ll be able to save can be allocated for other necessary expenses or projects and gain more profit.

Achieve Your Goals with Digital Signatures

The three progressive results that digital signatures can provide are just a few of the other benefits. In many years, digital signatures are proven to protect digital documents from forgery and tampering for its advanced security and encryption features. It revolutionizes offices to achieve their ideal efficiency.

GlobalSign’s Digital Signing Service is a cloud-based solution that provides a more effortless process to add digital signatures and seals to existing documents by signing workflows and applications. It is one of the most trusted digital signing solutions, giving users benefits such as signer identity validation, content integrity, trusted timestamps, and non-repudiation. Since it’s accessible using cloud, the users never have to purchase or manage more physical hardware or build any custom integration. Visit our website for more details.

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