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How Different Industries Use Digital Signing Service

How Different Industries Use Digital Signing Service

The need for signatures pops up in virtually every department. Human resources use it for employee requests and other documents. The finance team needs it to sign off invoices and purchase orders. The legal team uses it when they’re preparing agreements and contracts. While sales benefit from it when entering new client relationships. It is time and cost consuming to print a document every time you'll need something signed. Fortunately, trusted digital signatures allow you to keep your entire workflow online and offer greater security than unstandardized electronic signatures. A digital signature is similar to a handwritten signature that binds the person or entity to digital data.

Instead of going out and asking clients to sign or showing in-person to offices signing agreements, digital signature provides businesses great convenience with just a few clicks. It authenticates your identity and further enhances your business workflows.

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC)

The Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industries sign and approve original ideas on a regular basis. Blueprints, engineering drawings, and proposals are relayed from one department to another to meet tight deadlines and support intellectual property rights. The digital signature plays a considerable role in the approval and authentication of the said materials.

Human Resources

Digital signatures play a vital role in Human Resource. As this industry deals with legal agreements and contracts, the digital signatures streamline the workflow for HR professionals. This type of encrypted signature is beneficial to the following areas of HR.

  • Employment Contract signing
    This encompasses any businesses as people make deals that must be presented on a document, digitally or printed on paper. However, using digital signatures reinforces the identity of the user.
  • Employee onboarding
    Employees hand over their confidential documents when a new company hires them. They must process forms and make sure all documents are safe and authentic.
  • Non-disclosure agreements
    Aside from the employment contracts and onboarding, HR professionals also assure the overall company data safety from insiders.


Most companies under the healthcare sector comply under certain laws and regulations. The law compels them to use digital signatures to present their authenticity to government bodies. Why? The process of getting a digital signature isn’t a walk in the park. It goes through a meticulous vetting process to verify the company’s credentials.

On the other hand, doctors can also use digital signatures when handing over prescription and other documents. With this innovative step on the digitization of patients’ data, it promotes faster workflow for the doctor and patients. 

Financial Sector

Insurance and financial institutions benefit the most in using digital signatures. Their employees can focus their energy on other tasks other than signing insurance policy papers with no errors. It’s fast, reliable, and convenient.

Additional Benefits of Using Digital Signatures

Aside from transforming business workflows and saving time, Digital Signatures also bring positive impacts on the security of businesses and the environment:

  • Security
    It encrypts and secures your data from cybercriminals. Plus, the digital signature is unique to you. When security breaches happen, cybercriminals won’t find any worth in your encrypted data. Digital signatures are easy to validate because they’re effective up to 15 years.
  • Environment
    Humans dump 2.12 B tons of garbage in a year worldwide. Companies could save much money in going paperless, and they can contribute to the reduction of waste products. On a yearly average, an office uses 10, 000 pieces of paper. As people become aware of the environmental consequences of excessive product consumption, they are more likely to appreciate companies who support ecological movements.


A Digital Signature is an innovative tool with massive benefits for businesses. It saves time, effort, and resources. In the time of fake documents and identities, it preserves one’s integrity, and it lets everyone know your legitimacy.

In GlobalSign, we offer various Cloud-based Digital Signing Services that enterprises can implement in their workflow. It integrates perfectly with Adobe Sign since it works well with their workflow. It’s legally accepted and convenient.

Are you interested to know more about Digital Signing Services? Visit our website and give us a call right now.

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