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How A Certificate Management Platform Can Transform Your Organization’s PKI and TLS Management

How A Certificate Management Platform Can Transform Your Organization’s PKI and TLS Management

Nowadays, companies and organizations manage thousands of certificates to secure their websites, emails, documents, and business-related matters. Keeping track of issuance, renewal, and revocation can often be too much to handle even for your IT teams.

But with the help of certificate management platforms, businesses can focus on more important tasks at hand.

What Is Certificate Management?

GlobalSign Certificate Center (GCC) is among the most efficient certificate management platforms you can find today. Within our platforms, users can manage, issue, and purchase the certificates as well as check the usage of each license plan they availed. This is an SaaS solutions that can be accessed and managed from the cloud:

Managed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) platform

The MPKI platform enables retails and institutions to uphold high-security standards as they move information and workflows online. It allows users to instantly issue and manage SSL and Enterprise PKI services of the following:

  • Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) certificates,
  • S/MIME for email encryption and digital signing,
  • Digital Signing Service (DSS) for PDF or document signing, and
  • User or machine authentication and other client certificates.

Companies that increase their use of SSL/TLS and client certificates may find it overwhelming to handle the cost and time involved in managing larger volumes. So how are digital certificates managed? The most efficient way is by using a certificate management platform because it allows companies and enterprises to manage digital certificates efficiently and easily while reducing the operating costs of using PKI solutions.

Managed SSL platform

The Managed SSL (MSSL) platform supports immediate issuance and lifecycle management of Organization Validated (OV) and Extended Validation (EV) TLS Certificates, with support for Wildcard and Subject Alternative Names (SANs).

Through the certificate management platforms, users have complete and centralized control of certificate needs across their organization without adding any pressure on their support teams.

Enterprise PKI (ePKI)

The ePKI is a managed PKI service that provides you all the tools required to maintain full control of your PKI requirements without the burden of running an in-house CA. The issuance and management of GlobalSign certificates are all done in this cost-effective and user-friendly solution for simplifying PKI deployments.

GlobalSign’s Auto Enrollment Gateway

The Auto Enrollment Gateway (AEG) acts as a “direct gateway between Atlas and your Active Directory.” It connects your active directory environment to gain access to this powerful cloud platform. Instead of running an internal CA, enterprises can outsource certificate services to GlobalSign’s highly available CA infrastructure. AEG 6.3 has an updated user interface that streamlines navigation, configuration, and management. It allows users to easily issue and manage certificates across their entire organization for a variety of use cases, including authenticating users to private networks or other corporate resources, server to server communication, machine, and device authentication, secure email and document signing, and smart card and USB token-based authentication for privileged users requiring 2FA.

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