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GMO Sign: Cloud-based Solution for Your Document Signing Needs

GMO Sign: Cloud-based Solution for Your Document Signing Needs

Imagine this - your marketing team came up with a brilliant time-sensitive campaign that needs urgent approval from the finance, sales, and compliance teams. The marketing team prints this proposal document and forwards it to the Marketing Head for review, who signs it and submits it to the finance team for approval. However, the finance team informs you two days later that they have misplaced the document, and the whole approval process must be started from scratch again. After much effort in getting the document signed by marketing and finance teams, you can finally forward it to the compliance team for final approval. But upon waiting for the Compliance Head’s sign off, your competitor releases a campaign with the same concept - wasting all your team’s effort and potential sales opportunity. All because of the time it took to get manual, hand-signed approvals.

But what if the process was more efficient? What if it’s possible to obtain signatures without the need to pass around a single piece of paper?

Now more than ever, there is a need for businesses to function remotely in an efficient manner. Automating processes and cloud-based systems so that employees can work from their own homes easier, are rising in popularity. However, cybersecurity issues also arise in business process automation. As businesses become more modern, cyberattacks also evolve, with cybercriminals using more sophisticated techniques to commit financial crimes, hacking, or data theft. This brings us to the question - is it possible to automate business operations without compromising the safety of the company?

The answer is a big yes! GlobalSign is committed to providing reliable online identity services and security solutions to minimize the risk of breaches and other online security issues. Our product, GMO Sign, is geared towards companies who want to automate their signing process. GMO Sign provides a paperless workflow solution that is tamper-proof and Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL) compatible, thus ensuring document security and workflow efficiency.

What are the benefits of having a cloud-based signature system?

  1. Your documents will be less prone to tampering.
    Signing your digital contracts and important documents with AATL ensures document security, as it automatically comes with tamper-free signing certificates and timestamps. Additionally, GMO Sign provides an extra layer of security with end to end encryption of your files, protecting your company from cyberattacks and data breaches.
  2. You can have a more efficient workflow.
    Like the scenario presented above, having a manual signatory system requires you to go to different departments, one at a time, to ask for the signature of a person. This takes up a lot of time and effort. Make your workplace more efficient by having a cloud-based signature system! GMO Sign allows you to customize your office workflow by managing multiple users and approvers in a signing request - all in one platform. Additionally, the platform has timely notifications and reminders to fast-track the monitoring of signature requests. With this, you can save a lot of time and effort!
  3. You can easily track your documents.
    Ever spent an entire day just looking for a document in a massive paper pile? GMO Sign eliminates this unnecessary hassle by having a built-in advanced search feature that allows you to organize and sort documents in a filing system, making it easier to find what you need.
  4. You can save paper!
    Did you know that an average office worker uses an average of 10,000 sheets of paper each year? Say you have 50 employees, that adds up to 500,000 sheets of paper annually! If your business is looking into cutting costs in the long run, GMO Sign provides a paperless solution for signing your documents and contracts, saving costs for printing, filing and buying paper. Be a champion for the environment while saving costs for your business!

It is now possible to save on resources and make your workflow a lot more efficient, all without compromising cybersecurity. A business without piles of paper and long approval times – that is what you’ll get when you shift to a cloud-based signing solution like GMO Sign.

Ready to jumpstart your journey towards maximizing your business’ potential with Globalsign’s GMO Sign? Request for a demo today by clicking here! To learn more about our company and the full list of products we offer, you may visit our website, or check out our product list for enterprises and Internet of Things (IoT). For more blog updates, click here.

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