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Efficiently Manage your Digital Certificates with a Scalable Certificate Management Platform

Efficiently Manage your Digital Certificates with a Scalable Certificate Management Platform

Lost keys and expired certificates are often the main causes of certificate outages for organizations. But what if there was a way to eliminate all of that?

For any company that uses digital certificates to secure their company’s data, opting for certificates that can be readily managed using a scalable certificate management platform does exactly that. It serves as a conduit to all certificates and provides the necessary tools to carry out certificate-related transactions and management. Authorized users can readily revoke, renew, reissue, or cancel certificates in one portal.

Our certificate lifecycle management (CLM) simplifies the complexity of managing high-volume certificates to digitally sign documents, encrypt email, and authenticate users and machines. CLM makes it easy for organizations to automate issuance and manages billing in a single platform.

That said, here are the top reasons why your company should start using a scalable certificate management platform:

  • Shoulders the burden of PKI

    We understand the complexity of having to run and manage your own CA, which is why our management platform offers a convenient option that does not require an internal CA. GlobalSign Certificate Center (GCC) makes it easy for users to learn how to manage certificates, users, and financial information through the portal.

  • Enables high-volume, high-speed certificate issuance

    With a certificate lifecycle management (CLM) system, your company does not have to be constrained by bandwidth and hardware capabilities. We provide pre-vetted domains and profiles that can be issued instantly. Users can easily revoke, renew, reissue, or cancel certificates without having to go through any complicated process as GlobalSign takes care of the security implementation.

    Digital certificates issuance no longer has to cause unnecessary delays. Through our GCC platform, you can track and use certificates when you need them.

  • Eliminates certificate-related mismanagement

    Business disruptions such as digital certificate outages are often caused by forgetting to replace an expiring certificate. This expiration disables websites when companies fail to understand the crucial role that management plays when it comes to issuing digital certificates for multiple websites, emails, devices, and users. Understandably, keeping track of a multitude of certificates can pose a challenge for any organization. In fact, about 74% of organizations have experienced outages from expired certificates, with a total cost of $67.2 million in lost revenue per company over 2 years. This does not only affect the company’s revenue but also the perceived trust and reputation.

    But this issue can be solved by using our scalable certificate management platform that lets you manage all your certificates in a centralized platform. GCC utilizes the power of PKI in your organization, helping you save your company from the risks of expired certificates and lost keys.

  • Provides long-term cost savings

    With GCC, enterprises can lower their total cost of ownership for PKI. We offer significant volume discounts with flexible business terms so you can save costs long-term.

  • Meets requirements for two-factor authentication and encryption

    We offer strong authentication options by utilizing digital certificates for your internal security posture and to meet strict industry regulations. GCC can help organizations meet requirements around two-factor authentication and encryption of data in transit and at rest.

Introducing the next big thing for certificate management: Atlas

Atlas is GlobalSign’s groundbreaking initiative; a scalable certificate management especially created to shoulder the burden of your PKI projects. Set to be released around the second half of 2021, enterprises can start experiencing the benefits of high-availability, high-throughput Certificate Authority (CA) for certificate automation through this centralized platform.

If your company is looking for a simplified manager that eliminates the complexity of key management, directory integration, and support of multiple protocols needed to cover a wide array of endpoints, Atlas is an excellent asset for your IT and security team.

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