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Document Management Pains You Can Avoid with Digital Signing Service

Document Management Pains You Can Avoid with Digital Signing Service

Running any type of office requires you to handle documents—lots and lots of documents. From signing them to sending them to their destination, managing your documents can be a lot of hard work. Automating these processes will surely save time and resources.

Fortunately, GlobalSign recently launched its innovative Digital Signing Service as it looks to solve at least the majority of your office’s document woes. Here are just some of the mishaps you’ll definitely avoid once you take advantage of GlobalSign’s revolutionary service.

Documents Getting Lost in the Mail

It’s hard to imagine that in today’s Internet Age, most organizations still rely on traditional means to send documents—signing each document, mailing it to your recipients via courier, and hope your document don’t get lost in the mail. But with our Digital Signing Service, this problem is as good as gone. You don’t have to hope for the best that your document will be received. Just digitally sign it and send via email! Your document will drop on your recipient’s mailbox like it’s nothing. 

Problems Caused by Lack of Storage

It’s not just sending documents you have to deal with. There’s also the problem of storing thousands of physical documents and painstakingly filing them to their proper places. How many file cabinets does an office need? Then you also have to worry about termites, water, and other outside factors destroying your old files. Since digitally signing has become more accessible and it carries the same legal power as physically signing on paper, maybe it’s time to make the process a lot more digital.

Fraudsters (or You) Forging Documents

Think your signature is unique? To professional forgers, not so much. Any determined soul with some skill in forgery can take hold of a document and make an exact copy, together with the signature. But this scenario is very unlikely. Let’s keep things small scale. What if you accidentally spill your coffee on your documents? A lot of things could invalidate physical documents, whether it’s intentional or not. Making everything digital will alleviate this concerns in an instant.

Troubleshooting Hardware Security Modules

Alright! You decided to get your own digital signature certificates, but you decided to go with the traditional setup of storing your certificates in a hardware security module or HSM. Okay, that’s good. But then, you have to maintain it regularly and troubleshoot the thing once in a while. And when it stops working, your entire signing operation stops working with it. If only there’s a more convenient way to store your digital certificates and issue them with only a few clicks…

Guess what? There is! Our Digital Signing Service is your one-size-fits-all solution for all your digital signing needs. You can visit our official website to learn more about the conveniences of digital signatures. You can also take a look at our free eBook on digital signatures for more information.

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