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Creating a Paperless HR Department

Creating a Paperless HR Department

HR departments use paper all the time. With copious amounts of responsibility given to HR officers, staying on track of all the paper documents that come and go can be overwhelming.

Then there’s a completely feasible alternative wherein HR officers no longer need to worry about printing, filing, distributing, and storing & archiving documents within paper-filled cabinets.

Take your HR department’s document processing to the next level using cloud technology and digital signing solutions! We’ve listed down the best reasons to go paperless:

Saves money

Studies show that companies spend $120 billion per year printing paper forms; this is what paper is costing your company. In the long run, paper documents can become a burden especially with the number of additional expenses spent on the processes. Switching to digital gets rid of all this burden because it is stored digitally and completely paperless! With Cloud technology, you can access your documents with ease.

Saves office space

A single piece of paper doesn’t seem like a lot but multiply it over a course of days and you will realize just how fast paper stacks up and how much space they take. According to Gartner, Inc., 10,000 sheets of paper a year are being used by an average office worker. If your office has 100 employees, that is 1,000,000 papers per year! With digital signing platforms, your office will no longer need filing cabinets and filing rooms, and millions of papers can be saved.

Environmentally sustainable

Not only is paper expensive but using a lot of it and its production are detrimental to the environment. The environmental sustainability of switching digital far outweighs the long-term effects of using paper.

Faster turnover times

Studies show that digital signing can expedite turnover times to an average of 4 days. With cloud-based digital signing platforms and document signing services, documents can be mailed, signed, and returned within minutes!

Boosts security

Thanks to technology, documents can be encrypted and can ensure that no one else but the intended recipient is able to access the file. No more worries about tampering!

Organizing and archiving benefits

Documents will be easier to find and archive thanks to digital signing platforms. With built-in search features, HR officers no longer need to spend hours looking for a single document. It does not matter if the document has been stored for weeks, months, or years. Unlike hard copies, documents stored in the cloud can be located with ease.

Accessible anytime, anywhere

Going digital offers a convenient way of processing documents. HR-related documents can be accessed from the cloud, which means that the recipient can still sign the document even if they are on the other side of the world!

GlobalSign can help jumpstart your HR document processing with GMO Sign and DSS. Don’t worry, they’re completely easy to deploy and user friendly! Request for a demo today by clicking here!

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