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Boost your Sales Team’s Efficiency with Digital Signatures

Boost your Sales Team’s Efficiency with Digital Signatures

How fast can your team complete a sales cycle? Their time management and productivity are usually compromised because signing contracts and closing deals take much time. On average, your sales staff needs three days to collect handwritten signatures and complete the sales cycle. One great way to help them achieve their goals faster is to use digital signatures; this speeds up the process and delivers better customer service for their clients.

The Benefits of Digital Signatures for the Sales Team

Using digital signatures simplifies the signing process, which allows your sales team to increase their productivity, close more deals, and grow your customer base. Here are the other advantages of having digital signatures in your sales team’s workflow:

  • Shorter Turnaround Time
    Digital Signatures help save one of the most valuable resources — time. Ombud Inc. conducted research where they found out that using digital signatures can reduce 80% of the turnaround time. How is that possible? After digitally signing the documents, you can immediately send them to the next party. It eliminates the need to produce printed copies of the document which cost budget and time. Through this process, your sales team can focus on other tasks aside from signing documents.
  • Streamlined Workflow with Other Enterprises
    Integrating digital signatures in your workflow benefits sales teams who interact with tech-savvy companies. If you find these types of companies that require digital signatures, then it’s about time to switch over and experience the convenience. Digital signatures provide security that builds trust among its users. Tech-savvy companies use digital signatures as a reliable, trusted method of verifying one’s unique identity – only verified members of the CA/B forum could provide digital signatures.
  • Better Document Management
    Tracking the progress of printed documents can take so much effort: the relay from one department to another client’s office and printed documents are at risk of damage, loss, and forgery. With the help of digital signatures, your sales agents can verify email addresses and timestamps [GT1] used in digitally signing the documents.
  • Decreased Human Errors
    Human errors are common, but it is possible to avoid. Errors affect the workflow that causes delay and unwanted stress for your sales team just like wrong printed documents, damaged documents due to careless handling, lost package, and many more; digital signatures allow you to avoid these scenarios. It allows your sales team to send documents to specific email addresses within seconds — never lose your document on its way to your clients anymore.


The modern age of technology provides excellent options for business development and helps your sales team deliver a pleasant sales experience to their clients. Digital signatures have positive impacts on your sales team that outweigh the outdated paper-based system. It empowers your sales team to take control of their productivity and workflow; it’s faster, reliable, and convenient.

Incorporating digital signatures develops the workflow without disrupting the vital procedures. It also has a positive impact on the environment as it eliminates your need to use paper and decreases your carbon footprint.

GlobalSign’s Digital Signing Service (DSS) delivers reliable security and compliance to different data privacy laws such as GDPR, HIPAA, and many more. When a person uses DSS, it’ll generate a timestamp and tamper-evident seal on the document. It establishes excellent protection in your documents that consists of cryptographic signing components, unique private key, and signing identities. Contact us to know more about DSS.

Switch to digital signatures and improve your sales cycle now!

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