Sales and Marketing Resources

Effective Marketing & Sales Campaigns

The practices, campaigns and creatives available here are resources that have proven to be successful by GlobalSign and other partners.  Keep checking back here as we are constantly loading this section with innovative and easy to deploy campaigns to keep your SSL sales building.

Canned Email & Print Campaigns

1. Introducing the GlobalSign SSL Product Range

Outline: Introduce your partnership with GlobalSign for SSL. Outline the need for SSL security, how partnering with GlobalSign benefits your customers and detail the differences between the various SSL products.
Format: HTML for email, Word for general copy.
Download - ZIP containing Word files

2. Where to use SSL

Outline: Make sure your customers are aware of where to use SSL. It is not just for securing transactions, this email template is educational and ensures customers fully understand what should be secured and when.
Format: HTML for email
Download - ZIP containing HTML files

3. Make sure you display the Site Seal

Outline: SSL Secure Site Seals are a sign of trust on the Internet. All customers should display the GlobalSign or AlphaSSL site seal to benefit from increased conversion rates and more credible positioning.
Format: HTML for email
Download - ZIP containing HTML files