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CloudSSL was designed to meet the demands of dynamic cloud environments. CloudSSL is an SSL distribution service available via API to help web services operate securely in the Cloud. By implementing high levels of security across your web services, CloudSSL provides you with a more reliable and competitive offering.

Features and Benefits

  • Issued as a multi-domain SSL Certificate to the Cloud provider, customer domains can be activated via a simple API call.
  • Minimal unique IP usage - up to 100 SANs secured on the same IP address.
  • Unlimited licensing for physical and virtual servers.
  • Flexible usage payment plans and short term billing potential.
  • Minimum customer involvement - End customers approve the use of SSL on their domain via a simple approval email, meta-tag or DNS verification.

Overcoming IP restrictions with CloudSSL

CloudSSL provides a key advantage when used in combination with Server Name Indication in shared hosting or cloud environments where IP addresses are limited.

The SNI/CloudSSL solution provides an answer to the IP pool restrictions by allowing multiple certificates to be hosted on a single IP without losing potential visitors that might lack SNI support. This is critical as the requirement for securing connections is higher than ever before.

Individual certificates can be deployed for each individual website, allowing for any level of security to be used (including Extended Validation SSL). Each domain is then added to the multi-domain CloudSSL Certificate which will serve as fall back and be displayed to users that lack SNI compatibility. The CloudSSL generation and installation process is fully automated via a GlobalSign application.