Solve 3 Major Mobile Device Security Challenges with PKI


Evan Wajda

Sales Engineer GlobalSign

Mobile device certificates ensure only authorized devices and users can access corporate resources and enable mobile email security and encryption.

Mobile devices continue to be a thorn in the side of IT– allowing employees to use mobile devices increases productivity and employee satisfaction, but can also lead to significant security vulnerabilities.

During our upcoming webinar, we're highlighting three of the leading mobile security challenges facing IT teams today and how PKI solves them:

  1. Preventing rogue device access – WiFi and other networks are common points of entry for malicious parties. How can you ensure only authorized devices (company issued or BYOD) are accessing your networks when openly distributed passwords have proven to be unreliable?

  2. Email security – To enable secure mobile email, you need to ensure only approved users and devices can access your corporate mail systems and address the same risks as traditional desktop email, such as data loss and phishing attacks.

  3. User access to corporate resources and applications – If you’re going to allow users to access corporate services via their mobile devices, you shouldn’t rely on passwords alone to prevent unauthorized access.

During the webinar, you'll learn:

  • Controlling which mobile devices can access corporate resources, such as email and WiFi networks
  • Enabling users to securely access corporate applications and services via mobile device (company issued or BYOD)
  • How to address the leading email security risks and enable encryption on mobile devices
  • Automating mobile PKI deployments using MDM platforms

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