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Managing External User Identities and Access to SharePoint Portals

Presented by: GlobalSign

Microsoft SharePoint has become an important extranet portal platform for organization wanting to provide online services with their customers and partners. As organizations extend their enterprise with SharePoint portals, they face a major challenge in managing external user identities and what services and portals they can access. An Identity Relationship and Access Management (IRAM) solution designed for external user management is essential to overcome this challenge.

Join us on this Webinar to learn how your organization can utilize SharePoint roles to the fullest extent and enable external users to manage their own identities and preferred authentication methods through advanced technologies such as user-driven federation. We will also share three uses cases that highlight how each organization is managing external users and access to their SharePoint extranet portals to provide a better and more secure user experience.

white-checkmark-icon.pngAn IRAM solution for managing external SharePoint users allows you to:

  • Provide one identity across multiple SharePoint sites with single sign-on (SSO)

  • Protect sites properly with appropriate authentication and authorization through delivery of SharePoint claims (roles)
  • Bring together business ecosystems to access SharePoint with users’ own credentials
  • Add strong authentication or social log-in to SharePoint
  • Translate SharePoint roles of external identities to business oriented roles with self-service, workflows and mandates
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