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Standard Code Signing Certificates are used by software developers to digitally sign applications, drivers, executables, and software programs for end-users. Our certificates verify that the signed software is legitimate, comes from a known software vendor, and that the code has not been tampered with, since published. They include your signature, your company’s name, and if desired, a timestamp.

On the other hand, Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing Certificates retain all the benefits of standard code signing certificate and add a stringent vetting process and hardware protection requirement, so your users can easily trust in the integrity of your applications. It provides an immediate reputation with Microsoft SmartScreen Filter and removes scary warning messages that the application might show to end-users. GlobalSign allows standard, and EV Code Signing Certificates to be installed on customer HSMs or in Azure Key Vault and adds an essential layer of trust to the installation process.


Protect your intellectual property

Universal platform compatibility

Assurance and authentication

Efficient monitoring and enforcement


Data integrity
and privacy

Industry-Standard Technology

Increases trust and adoption


You need a Code Signing Certificate to digitally sign your code. Pricing depends on the level of verification and the amount of information contained in the certificate.

Standard Code Signing

From ₹18,789 INR / year
  • Compatible with major platforms
  • Company identity in certificate
  • Removes "unknown publisher"
  • Security Warnings

Token Implementation

Key storage on USB token or other hardware storage token

Token NOT included

HSM Implementation

Key storage on HSM or Azure Key Vault, provided by customer

Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing

From ₹26,650 INR / year
  • All features of standard Code Signing
  • Company name, address, and type included in certificate
  • Immediate reputation with Microsoft SmartScreen Filter

Token Implementation

Key storage on USB token, provided by GlobalSign

HSM Implementation

Key storage on HSM or Azure Key Vault, provided by customer


why globalsign

Content Integrity

Ensures that a piece of code has not been altered and determines whether code is trustworthy for a specific purpose

Content Source

Identifies the software or application is coming from a specific source and exhibit a warning pop-up message, if found insecure

Multiple Platform Support

GlobalSign support multiple platforms using the same certificate including MS Authenticode, Adobe AIR, Apple, Mozilla & Netscape Objects, Macros & VBA, Java

Unparalleled Customer support

Get access to 24/7 excellent customer centric support from a globally recognized Certificate Authority and get instant solution


EV Code Signing certificates build on the existing benefits of standard Code Signing certificates to offer stronger levels of assurance that the identity of the publisher is correct and has been verified. Strict vetting process assures end users that the identity of the publisher has been verified. Immediate reputation with Microsoft SmartScreen Filter removes scary warning messages to end users that the application might be malicious


EV Code Signing Certificates help create a sense of online confidence when users download your software by verifying the authenticity of your identity.

  • Immediate reputation with Microsoft SmartScreen
  • Company address and organization type displayed in the certificate
  • Time stamping, the signature does not expire once the certificate expires
  • Certificate stored on a hardware token for two-factor authentication
  • Required to access the Windows Hardware Development Center Dashboard Portal

Exclusive GlobalSign Features

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Digitally sign an unlimited number of apps with a single certificate

GlobalSign support

Access to GlobalSign's superior support

compatible to major platforms

Compatible with major platforms (Authenticode, Office VBA, Java, Adobe AIR, Mac OS, Mozilla)

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