GlobalSign Confirm™

Business Transaction Confirmation

GlobalSign Confirm™ makes transaction confirmation and step-up authentication for online services and applications a secure, centralized, easy-to-use service.

User Friendly Step-Up Authentication

GlobalSign Confirm shows only the confirmation methods available to the current user and uses existing single sign-on session information to give the user a smooth confirmation experience. Applications can specify user interface template and user locale based on run-time variables, making it ideal for multi-tenant architectures.

Over 20+ supported authentication methods, including:

  • SMS

  • One-time password list

  • Mobile PKI

  • Custom methods (on order)

If a user has multiple applicable options, the user can select the most suitable depending on their currently available authentication devices and personal preference. Applications can dynamically request the desired confirmation technique by name or strength.

Easy Integration

Using a simple API, applications can call GlobalSign Confirm to perform the heavy-lifting of user authentication and transaction confirmation in a legally binding, yet user friendly way. This reduces application development time and complexity - letting developers concentrate on business-specific application logic.

Future Ready

Change transaction confirmation policies centrally without application level changes as new authentication methods appear due to:

  • Market changes

  • Consumer demand

  • Legislative mandates

  • geographical market differences

Streamline Audit and Compliance

The confirmed transaction information is logged centrally with an application reference, simplifying audit procedures. Easy integration possibilities to third-party SIEM systems. One Confim instance can support many target applications.

Next Steps

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