NAESB Compliant Digital Certificates

NAESB Compliant Digital Certificates from GlobalSign

Digital Certificates are now required to access the NAESB Electronic Industry Registry (EIR) web registry. GlobalSign is an authorized NAESB Certificate Authority and an active member of the Wholesale Electric Quadrant (WEQ) PKI standards board. The Electronic Industry Registry (EIR) serves as the central repository for information required to support commercial scheduling and transmission management operations in North America. The EIR portal is hosted by Open Access Technology International, Inc. (OATI). A Digital Certificate issued by a NAESB Authorized Certificate Authority is required for access.

GlobalSign is the only public NAESB-authorized Certificate Authority, so in addition to allowing access to the Web Registry hosted by OATI, GlobalSign Digital Certificates can be used for digitally signing email and documents. No other NAESB CA can offer this.

GlobalSign's Digital Certificates are sold via our web-based management portal known as EPKI. EPKI is a management portal that allows administrators to manage the lifecycle of their Digital Certificates (issuing, reissuing, billing, renewals, and more). Please contact a GlobalSign specialist to learn more about Digital Certificates for NAESB.

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Why Choose GlobalSign?

GlobalSign is ISO New England's preferred Certificate Authority for Digital Certificates that must meet the stringent security standards of the Energy industry. The Company has proven to be of the highest integrity with secure, reliable processes and superior customer service. Jamshid Afnan, Vice President of Information Services,
ISO New England

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