PDF Signing Certificates

Digital Signatures for Organizations Using Automated PDF Generation Software

GlobalSign offers a server-based document signing product that is ideal for organizations using an internally developed or off-the-shelf automated document generation software to generate and manage large volumes of documents, such as bank statements or financial reports.

This type of solution requires a GlobalSign-issued document signing credential, stored and protected on a hardware Security Module (HSM), and an automated document generation solution to apply the signatures to the documents. Compatible signing solutions include Adobe LiveCycle, Ascertia DSS, Eldos Secure Black Box, and iText Java/C Sharp.

Hardware Security Module (HSM) Options - Hosted vs. Owned

GlobalSign supports two HSM options for document signing -

  • Owned HSM – the document signing credential is stored on an HSM that resides on premise and is managed internally by your organization

  • Hosted HSM – the document signing credential is stored on a virtual SafeNet Luna HSM partition, owned and managed by GlobalSign

For Hosted HSM Services


  • Fast set-up

  • No in-house cryptographic expertise needed

  • 24x7 availability to support mission critical applications and meet SLAs

  • Lower total cost of ownership

For Owned HSM Services


  • Can support larger capacity requirements

  • Since on-site, can more readily provide access to data for compliance auditing

  • Requires internal resources to manage, ensure baseline requirements and SLAs are met

  • Large storage capacity may go unused

HSM-based Signing Solution Case Study

Using GlobalSign’s HSM PDF Signing solution, we were able to create a custom web application so sales agents can produce digitally signed, timestamped documents instantly from the road. The turn-around time from policy application to issuance has been reduced significantly.” - Stuart Smith, SVP Information Systems, Columbian Mutual Life Insurance Company

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