Plug-ins and APIs

Control Panel Plug-ins & APIs

GlobalSign has developed a number of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) designed for Partners to automate the ordering and delivery of customer's digital certificates. Using an API will help you create a robust and scalable business as a GlobalSign partner. Plus, it has already been seamlessly integrated with a number of third party hosting control panels/billing tools to further reduce your time to market. This article looks at some of the technologies available to reduce the time you may spend ordering and receiving Certificates from GlobalSign. It also helps you decide whether you should opt for a control panel module or full XML-based automation.

API Basics

GlobalSign API libraries exist to automate a number of critical functions you would typically need to perform via the web-based GlobalSign Certificate Center (GCC):

Placing a new Certificate order
Querying the order status of a Certificate order
Receiving an issued Certificate

The APIs allow you to integrate your own Control Panels, ordering, purchasing and billing systems to automate part of, or all of, the workflow with your customers. The APIs help you error check in real-time and reduce the time you may spend dealing directly with customer orders. APIs mean automation.

Control Panel Integration

The GlobalSign APIs are already integrated into leading hosting / data center management software. If you have an in-house Control Panel, or use a third party Control Panel, talk to your Account Manager today about current API integration options.

Learn more about the GlobalSign control panel integrations.  


The XML API performs practically every function available through GCC. It allows the deepest and most comprehensive integration into your own systems, such as your customer facing Control Panel or internal purchasing and management systems. The XML API connects your systems to GlobalSign, giving real time CSR parsing, error checking and allows full querying on order status and Certificate delivery via HTTPS stream or directly to end customers by Partner branded email.


The OneClickSSL API realises true one click provisioning of SSL. A single click from a customer initiates a fully automated workflow that creates the CSR, challenges the domain ownership and right to apply for a particular domain, posts the Certificate application to GlobalSign then receives and installs the issued Certificate. The whole process takes only a few seconds. CSR errors and vetting times are eliminated and customer support queries are greatly reduced. The OneClickSSL API is ideal for Control Panel integration and large volume SSL issuance.