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Fully automated solutions for cloud applications

With the increased dependency on cloud-based services, customers are looking to their providers to ensure the security of their data.

The GlobalSign solutions have been designed to fit the cloud on-demand model, automating processes, maximizing efficiency and creating economies of scale.

GlobalSign’s CloudSSL affords a unique SSL issuance model for the providers of cloud application, infrastructure, platform, storage and service environments. The multi-domain certificate provides the ability to dynamically add/remove customer domains via API calls and lets you host multiple SSL on a single IP.

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Program Benefits

Advanced technologies and support tools designed for cloud business models.

Dedicated Account Manager
Unlimited licensee models
Web-based customer management portal
Automated approval process
Dedicated support and technical documentation

Available Reseller Products

Automated solutions and management platforms

SSL Certificates

Feature-rich SSL Certificates,
from Domain Validated
to Extended Validated.


Host multiple SSL on one
IP with full compatibility.

Authentication Certificates

Certificate-based and
token-based two-factor authentication
for secure login to cloud applications.

Enterprise PKI (EPKI)

Facilitates the issuance and
management of authentication certificates
for hassle-free PKI deployment.

GlobalSign’s solution perfectly fits the requirements of a cloud deployment. CloudSSL allows us to secure a very large number of customer domains on a single IP address, so we can increase security whilst keeping costs down

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