Optimize your site for the Search Engines

Content is King

In the world of web marketing, you've heard this a thousand times. You could have the best product in the world and with GlobalSign SSL you truly do, but unless you position it correctly and make your sales messages concise and coherent, you risk your prospects simply missing the point. What you say and how you say it is essential for SSL - it is ultimately still a technical product that you'll need to promote to both a technical and non-technical audience.

SSL is about trust, security and enabling websites to conduct e-commerce safely and securely. It also allows websites to collect customer data securely, or helps deliver webmail to a browser without fear that someone is harvesting personal data and private information. These drivers are what sells SSL Certificates. But there are other providers out there so it's essential to point out to your customer base where GlobalSign differs.

For this you'll need to reflect on your customer base - are they security conscious? In which case the fact that all GlobalSign Certificates are 2048 bit should be a major selling factor. Are they relative beginners with SSL? In which case it is important they know the fact that a single Certificate secures both the www and non-www version of their website automatically, so there is no need to purchase two separate Certificates. Do they have load balancers and backup servers? In which case the unlimited server licensing will save hundreds over the competition.

But most importantly, do they care about increasing their online revenue? Of course they do and SSL from a trusted, credible and long-time security brand will help achieve this by maximizing the trust in the website and giving the visitor the confidence to become a customer. Play to the strengths of the product by customizing the message for your audience.

Choosing Keywords and implementing SEO techniques

You are also no doubt aware that the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization, or the goal of getting your company listed in the organic, non-paid, search engine rankings) requires you to focus on a number of keywords, or key terms, to have the best chance of driving search engine traffic to your site. You're probably also aware that your page content is more important than ever before. The crawlers analyse what you say and where, meaning that simply stuffing a page with keywords like "SSL" will have little positive results. Instead try and concentrate on penning content and articles that is relevant to your visitors - explaining a little about how SSL works and how it will benefit your customers will have positive results for your conversions and your search rankings.

It's useful to choose keywords wisely. The most competitive keywords like SSL, SSL Certificate, Server Certificates and others are difficult to gain high rankings. That doesn't mean you shouldn't try, but it does mean that you should supplement your keyword strategy with other niche terms. For example, GlobalSign offers IP SSL Certificates and we rank very highly in promoting this fact. It's a niche product, but niche is good when optimizing your website. Try terms that will be particularly good for your customer base or preferred vertical and try and be #1 in that area.

Meta Data Still Matters

Search engines like Google still look at meta-data to aid with rankings. The meta tag "Title" is still important and should always contain your keywords, but critically should contain only keywords also found in the page contents. The meta tag "Description" is used less in rankings but is important to show in the mass of search results a key message or call to action for potential visitors. The meta tag "Keywords" is much less important these days, but there are still rumors that some engines still analyze its contents.

If your SEO results are slow, try speeding things up by introducing SEM (Search Engine Marketing). This is where you would display an advert based on keyword searches in the search engines and then pay for every click-through you receive. Like SEO, SEM can be far less expensive than you may imagine through smart keyword selection and geographical targeting.

Google Base & Google Product Search

As a free means of obtaining new traffic, add your SSL products to Google Base / Google Product Search. This facility allows online retailers to upload any product into the Google Base directory. Once published your SSL products will find their way into the Google search results and the shopping results. Visit for more details.