Bundling SSL with your Hosting Products

Hosting providers choose to add SSL Certificate products to their hosting packages as a value add in order to provide a complete hosting solution for their customers.  By bundling SSL into your current product offerings you also benefit from the advantages of gaining extra revenue from your existing customer base.

When adding an SSL Certificates to a hosting package it is important that you select the right type of SSL Certificate to compliment it and to ensure the price is suitable, for example you do not want to include a higher end advanced SSL Certificate within a low cost hosting package, or alternatively a low cost basic SSL Certificate within an enterprise level hosting package.

As GlobalSign provides a full range of SSL Certificates including low cost, basic AlphaSSL, fast issuance DomainSSL, traditional OrganizationSSL and the most advanced and secure ExtendedSSL, there is always an SSL Certificate suitable to fit your particular hosting package and meet your customer’s specific requirements.  GlobalSign’s product range offers depth, but remains  simple to understand, so it is easy for partners to be flexible and mix and match different types of SSL Certificates within different levels of hosting package - where often the SSL Certificate itself can represent the most value within the package being offered. 

Low End / Entry Level Shared Hosting Services

Shared hosting is the most competitive sector of the hosting market at present so it is important for these types of hosting packages to remain low priced, cost effective and appealing to smaller sized, entry level customers.   AlphaSSL is a low cost SSL product providing only the most essential SSL features to keep prices low.  Its price point makes it the most suitable solution for bundling with low cost budget hosting.

Business Level Shared Hosting Services

AlphaSSL Certificates are no-fuss SSL Certificates and provide very basic SSL security, but they do not carry the credibility and extra security and functionality features of the GlobalSign brand.  For business shared hosting clients requiring added security with the same simplicity and rapidity of issuance, GlobalSign start of the range Domain SSL Certificates are the ideal add-on.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting Services

Depending on the level of trust and security the organisation wants to achieve, DomainSSL or OrganizationSSL Certificates are usually ideally suited to VPS hosting packages.  DomainSSL certify the domain’s ownership and can be issued in minutes, whilst OrganizationSSL Certificates provide an extra level of trust and more confidence for customers to do business, as the organisation’s name and details are included within the Certificate and site seal.  Organizations with the need to operate a dedicated server will likely be managing more traffic than shared hosting, and therefore will benefit from using the credibility of the GlobalSign brand.

Dedicated & Managed Hosting Services

As dedicated and managed hosting services are high end and designed around enterprise level organization requirements, it is important to be able to offer the most advanced types of SSL solution.  OrganizationSSL is the more traditional type of enterprise SSL solution, but many companies now wish to benefit from the latest and most highly trusted SSL, Extended Validation SSL, activating the Green Address Bar in the current generation of browsers such as IE7 & 8, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Safari, clearly displaying advanced security and identity information.  This type of SSL is a clear business differentiator and highly recommended for large enterprises.

If you would like further information regarding bundling SSL Certificates into your particular hosting packages, please do not hesitate to contact your account manager or our specialized channel marketing team.