GlobalSign Integration with Microsoft Intune

Protect Corporate Resources from Unauthorized Access with Digital Certificates for Microsoft Intune Managed Mobile Devices

With Microsoft Intune, organizations can manage the mobile devices and apps their workforce uses to access company data, protect their company information by helping to control the way their workforce accesses and shares it, and use the intelligent cloud to ensure devices and apps are compliant with company security requirements

Deploying digital certificates to Intune-managed devices adds another layer of security to protect corporate resources, such as VPNs, Wi-Fi, and email clients, from unauthorized device access. Only authorized devices with properly configured certificates can access corporate resources, significantly reducing the threat of rogue devices on the network. Employees also benefit from a better user experience; the authentication process is seamless and eliminates the need to enter a username/password or reference a secondary authentication application.

Automatically Provision GlobalSign Digital Certificates to Microsoft Intune-managed Devices

GlobalSign’s PKI management and automation solution leverages the Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) support in Microsoft Intune to seamlessly, and securely, provision digital certificates to all mobile devices managed within the platform, whether they are corporate or employee-owned (BYOD). Each device enrolls directly with GlobalSign’s solution, so the private key never leaves the device.

To Learn More - View the Datasheet on the GlobalSign and Microsoft Intune Integration

Key Benefits:

  • Prevent Authorized Device Access
    - Ensure only aproved devices with properly configured certificates can access corporate resources such as VPNs, Wi-Fi, and email clients
  • Reduce Reliance on Passwords
    - Certificate-based authentiation replaces the need for employee usernames and passwords to access corporate resources, increasing security and providing an easier user experience
  • Simplified Deployment
    - The integration makes it easy to deploy GlobalSign certificates via Microsoft Intune and leverage Microsoft Intune policy management to ensure the right devices receive the right certificates

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