GlobalSign Trust™

Federated Access Solutions

GlobalSign Trust™ is a control center for identity federation - transferring identity information across two (or more) independent domains. Customer acquisition becomes up to 100X more cost efficient as registration and login processes of new customers can be performed with just a single click.

An example for a customer transaction is vacation planning, where the user books a flight, reserves a car and books a hotel room using different services. When these services use federation, the user experience is improved and the partner companies can enjoy increased revenues as they enlarge their potential customer base through these partnerships.


100 Times More Cost Efficient Way to Acquire New Customers

  • For consumers, this means seamless access to diverse resources without unnecessary re-authentication.

  • For businesses, it is a new way to generate business opportunities by opening the doors of your online service and applications to your trusted partners.

  • For government bodies, it is a way to reduce transaction costs for the online services and applications that citizens access.

Key Features of GlobalSign Trust

  • Centralized policy management and authorization

  • Increase service adoption by leveraging existing partner accounts

  • Quickly add social login to your e-services

  • Policy-based access control

  • Standards-based, automated trust relationship management

  • Cloud + SaaS-ready: support for major cloud and SaaS providers

  • GUI Conguration with delegated system administration

Inbound and Outbound Federation

Inbound identity federation lets your local systems accept the credentials of customers from third-party services, such as popular social networking sites, partner organizations, or commercial identity providers like banks and government institutions. Trust is established and controlled through an online interface.

Outbound identity federation enables your user community to access external services such as SaaS applications, cloud providers and partner services using their existing single sign-on session – no username, password or other credentials required. User authorization information, roles and attributes are controlled according to your local security policy. This eliminates the administrative overheads of account management and increases overall system security.

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