Cybersecurity and Digital Signatures: Protecting Sensitive Data

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Welcome to our exclusive webinar that delves into the future of digital signatures! Join us for an insightful session where industry experts will uncover emerging trends, innovations, and the transformative power of digital signatures.

Event Details

  • Date: December 13, 2023
  • Time: 1:30PM
  • Duration: 1 Hour
  • Platform: MS Teams
  • Agenda

  • Introduction to Cybersecurity and Digital Signatures

    Understanding the pivotal role of both in securing digital transactions.
  • Cyber Threat Landscape

    Explore the current cybersecurity threats and their implications on sensitive data.
  • Digital Signatures in Practice

    Learn how digital signatures fortify document security and ensure the authenticity of digital transactions.
  • Best Practices and Tips

    Practical tips and strategies to enhance your organization's security posture.
  • Q&A Session

    Engage with our experts and get answers to your cybersecurity and digital signature queries.

Why Attend?

expert insight

Gain insights into the latest cybersecurity threats and preventative measures.

secure sensitive data

Understand how digital signatures play a crucial role in securing your sensitive data.


Learn practical strategies to implement robust cybersecurity practices within your organization.

question and answer

Network with industry professionals and experts in a live Q&A session.

Meet our speakers

Ashwani Raina
Ashwani Raina

Sales Engineer

Mirza Arshad Baig
Mirza Arshad Baig

Strategic Account Manager

Event Details

event date

December 13, 2023

event time

3:00PM (IST)

event duration

1 Hour

event platform

Microsoft Teams

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