Crucial Components in Internet of Things Security

GlobalSign's cutting edge IoT Identity Platform is the most intuitive and flexible platform for managing millions of IoT Certificates. With the utilization of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) as a core identity mechanism, the IoT Identify Platform can serve various of security use cases of IoT over all verticals, inclusive of manufacturing, agriculture, smart grid, payments, IoT gateways, healthcare, and industrial environments.


  • GlobalSign owned and operated datacentres, high “availability and cross“ geo redundancy
  • Dedicated revocation services
  • RSA and ECC Support


  • Modern, secure RESTful API
  • 5000 certificates per second issuance rate
  • High volume and throughput

Trust Options

  • Supports complex PKI hierarchies
  • Flexible Certificate Formats or extensions
  • LDevID and IDevID certificates



GlobalSign's IoT Identity Platform Integrations

Have a look at the IoT Identity Platform Integrations which include IoT CA Direct, IoT Edge Enroll, and IoT CA Connect.

GlobalSign IoT Edge Enroll

A major part of the GlobalSign IoT Identity Platform, IoT Edge Enroll is a complete package for providing and managing PKI-based identities for all kinds of IoT devices. Having these unique identities getting enrolled into the devices builds trust within the ecosystem which further permits for mutual authentication between devices and ecosystems thereby avoiding the risk of spoofing and safeguarding communications from tampering.

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