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GlobalSign Document Security

Increase productivity with new levels of document security with GlobalSign document signing

The easiest way to use document based digital signatures

Digitally signing documents ensures the document remain integral (its contents cannot be changed) and automatically verifies to the reader the author's validated identity. Important files such as healthcare documents, FDA certifications, engineering plans, contracts, financial reports, transcripts and others can be protected from inadvertent change, forgery and phishing – helping meet compliance and avoid liability issues.

GlobalSign provides Document Security for:

PDF Signing for Adobe CDS

PDF Signing

Desktop or server-based PDF generation workflows can be enhanced using PDF Signing Certificates. Certify a PDF and incorporate one or more Approval Signatures into the PDF document.

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Microsoft Office Document Signing

Microsoft Office Signatures

Digitally sign Microsoft Office documents directly from your desktop using the Microsoft Office suite to confirm you are the originator and to prove that the document has not been changed.

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