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Code Signing Tool

Sign Java, Authenticode and AIR Apps with ease using GlobalSign's Code Signing Tool

GlobalSign Code Signing ToolUse our tool to sign Java, Authenticode and AIR apps for free

The GlobalSign Code Signing Tool provides a simple front end to the command-line tools for signing Java, Windows (both kernel as well as user mode) and Adobe AIR applications.

Using the tool is simple and intuitive, simply select your application type, your certificate, and optionally add a timestamp. GlobalSign's Code Signing Tool prompts to download the correct SDK and tools depending on your chosen application, and shows the executable command line helping expedite the process of digitally signing applications with ease.

Please remember that this is a free tool offered as a convenient way to digitally sign code. GlobalSign does not offer support of any kind for this product.

If you already have Java then launch the tool with Java Web Start.

Or download the jar file here, and run by double-clicking the jar file or typing:

  java -jar codesigner.jar


  • Java version 6 needs to be installed.
  • 32-bit Java is preferred as 64-bit Java does not currently support use of the Windows or Firefox keystores (PKSC#12 will still be supported).

Signing Applications

  • To sign Microsoft applications you need signtool.exe which comes with the Windows SDK
  • To sign Java applications you need jarsigner which comes with the Java JDK (32-bit is recommended).
  • To sign Adobe AIR applications you need adt which comes with the Adobe AIR SDK

Technical Notes

  • The Code Signing GUI will not in any way modify your keystores or its contents.
  • Using keys in your Firefox key store is only supported for signing Java applications.
  • On some Linux systems using OpenJDK, the default jarsigner might be unsuitable for signing applications with a Firefox or a PKCS12 keystore.

To Upgrade

  sudo yum install java-1.6.0-openjdk-devel


  sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jdk

Or try Sun Java