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CloudSSL On-demand SSL security

Secure Cloud services with SSL tailored to the Cloud usage model. On-demand, unlimited licensing, minimal IPs & no user involvement.

Unlimited licensing models available

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SSL Security for Cloud

SSL security optimized for cloud environments

CloudSSL is an SSL distribution service available via API and is designed specifically to help web services operate securely in the Cloud. It removes the restrictions of traditional SSL, such as one Certificate per IP address, and can be used across large virtualized environments without incurring additional license fees. CloudSSL partners make on-demand requests for SSL Certificates,including request for their customer base all within the top level Certificate issued to the Cloud partner. All the time meeting the highest security associated with the GlobalSign SSL brand.

The Challenges of Cloud security

To meet the requirements of Cloud deployment models, CloudSSL allows:

  • On-demand requests for domains as new customers are brought online
  • Frequent updates to existing domains used in Cloud applications and storage
  • Minimal unique IP usage – with up to 100 SANs secured on the same IP address
  • Flexible usage payment plans and short term billing potential

Platform Features:


On-Demand SSL for Cloud security

CloudSSL allows the dynamic addition and removal of FQDNs (Fully Qualified Domain Names) to be secured within a single SSL Certificate, thus fitting the flexible nature of utility computing and with minimal IP address requirements.

Issued as a multi-domain SSL Certificate to the Cloud provider, customer domains can be activated immediately as new customers are boarded onto new web services, as well as deactivated via a simple API call, leaving free FQDN capacity for another customer.

Cloud Servers SSL

License free & optimized for Cloud usage models

CloudSSL also provides unlimited licensing for both physical and virtual servers, helping providers reduce cost and increase operational efficiency. Service providers face no incremental fees, and ensure that large virtualization projects do not face the concern of needing more SSL licenses.

CloudSSL supports the Cloud service provider’s pay per usage model, or short term contract model and ensures there is no waste on buying a fixed term Certificate for a customer who may be on a shorter term contract.

Simple and Easy SSL Approval

Minimum customer involvement

End customers approve the use of SSL on their domain via a simple approval email or through GlobalSign’s new approver URL process. The Cloud provider remains in control of the full lifecycle management and administration of SSL across their infrastructure.

Resell Cloud SSL

Reselling CloudSSL:

By implementing high levels of security across your web services, CloudSSL allows you to offer a more reliable and competitive offering. Standard GlobalSign SSL Certificates can also be added as a standalone security service to cloud portfolios, allowing cloud providers to benefit from increased revenues and a sticky product range. With a variety of reselling models available, from pay as you go to full unlimited licensing, we have a program to suit your requirements.

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