Introducing GlobalSign MSSL 2.0

jan 30 2012

Back in September we released MSSL 2.0, which included a several major process improvements. Based on customer feedback, we feel that we met our goal of creating a significantly simpler, more flexible and feature rich enterprise class platform for managing multiple SSL Certificates across multiple departments.

Here’s the review of the slew of new features Managed SSL customers have been benefitting from:

Brand new User Experience

You told us that you need to be able to see in a snapshot which profiles/domains are active, which domains have been pre-vetted, what Certificates are due to be renewed and which types of Certificates can be ordered. We listened. When you log into Managed SSL 2.0 you see immediately which profiles you can obtain Certificates for, and critically what’s going to expire in the next 90 days. You can now initiate Certificate applications with a single click, and in just a few seconds you’ll have your Certificate issued.

Certificate / Order details section has been redesigned from the bottom up. Get instant access to the most useful information, including Certificate file download, and use the new tabbed interface to delve into each order, including dynamic Subject Alternative Names management for multi-domain Certificates.


Support for Group Companies / Distributed entities

The biggest structural change is “Pro” support for multiple companies, branches and departments (collectively known as “profiles”) in a single account. Similar to our Enterprise PKI solution, a single umbrella entity can register all its profiles and easily centralise management or billing.

Once the profile and its associated domains are vetted, users can apply for Certificates issued to the domain and the corporate identity instantly. No waiting for vetting, no delays, just the Certificate delivered in only a few seconds.


Granular user rights & auditing

For organisations that need to centralise billing, but not centralise actual administration of the account, users can now be given specific privileges based on their roles within the organisation. If you have multiple Admins responsible for different sites you can now assign application, approval or revocation rights to specific profiles, or even specific domains within a profile. Yet all under the same umbrella account.

Interested what a particular user has been doing lately? There is now the ability to report on activities at the user level, ideal for maintaining security and exporting activities across large user bases.

General account activity is also logged and exportable. All auditable events such as application times, issuance times, method of application and more is logged and exportable. Ensure you meet your compliance requirements with the new advanced auditing facilities.


Expanded Public Ordering Pages

As well as initiating applications through GCC or the API, organisations can also publish a GlobalSign hosted Public Ordering Page. This branded page allows anyone within your organisation to initiate applications for any of your profiles and pre-vetted domains. Only applications you approve actually get issued.

You can now also add custom fields, upload your logo and choose which products are available. With the option for password protection, the Public Ordering Page, allows even more distributed organisations to securely centralise Certificate purchase.

Not ready to have other departments spend your deposit? Don’t worry, this setup is now supported via the Public Ordering Page – the Public Ordering Page accepts Credit Card payment for Pay As You Go departments too.

Hidden malware monitoring

All Managed SSL customers benefit from hidden malware scanning on domains, with “Pro” customers receiving HackAlert scanning for all pre-vetted domains registered.


One More Note...

The Managed SSL roadmap is immense! This is just the beginnings of our next generation enterprise level platform for SSL management. Next stop, OneClickSSL support in Managed SSL, so OneClickSSL for enterprises… but more on that later.