GlobalSign Partners with StopTheHacker for Malware Monitoring Services Safeguarding your Website and Reputation

Dec 03 2012
StopTheHacker Malware Monitoring

As discussed in our recent post The Constant battle against Malware websites distributing malware (referred to as drive-by downloads) should be seen as a persistent threat when browsing the Internet. Through increased efforts to protect end users, search engines and browser vendors actively blacklist websites known to be distributing malware. Blacklisting means being removed from search engine results and also being blocked during normal browsing, effectively the kiss of death for the website’s ability to get traffic.

This is perfectly reasonable if the site is intentionally distributing malware, but a big portion of the sites distributing malware have no idea they’re being used as a host for such criminal practices. They’re the victim of a breach where malicious code is injected into the pages on the website, infecting those that browse the seemingly safe pages. So how do innocent websites ensure they are not penalised for something they have no idea is happening?

This is where our new partnership with StopTheHacker comes in.

We are incorporating StopTheHacker’s malware detection service into GlobalSign’s retail SSL Certificate portfolio. The StopTheHacker service passively detects pages distributing malware, giving innocent websites the chance to remove the malicious code before the website is blacklisted by search engines.

Current GlobalSign customers will realise we are moving away from a different malware scanning partner. Why are we switching? Well one of the things that attracted us to StopTheHacker was how they shared our vision of bringing simplified security services to every corner of the Internet. They prove this by scanning the entire portfolio of pages on the site, not just a subset, and usually at their own expense (scanning potentially thousands of websites is not cheap). This kind of forward thinking approach is perfectly at home in GlobalSign, where we’re constantly looking for ways to help companies adopt security for their entire sites - see always-on-SSL for their entire websites

For delivering added customer trust, websites can also choose to display the new malware free Trust Seal; reassuring visitors their site is safe to browse.

StopTheHacker Screen This seal is issued to by StopTheHacker Inc.

Our press release summarises the relationship. We’re excited where this is going…

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